Authentication service

Tactical/SME needs

  • Lack of operational resources
  • Few users (~ 100)
  • Web protection is enough

Basic Web authentication
Basic branding

Mutualized cloud hosting
Outsourcing with control


  • SME: extranet for its employees
  • Tactical: cloud portal for partners


Managed appliance

Enterprise needs

  • Needed but not trategic
  • Employees, partners, clients
  • Web, VPN, Citrix, Mobile

Extended authentication service
Extended branding

Dedicated cloud hosting
Outsourcing with control

Corporate authentication

  • VPN, Citrix, RdP
  • Extranet, shop, portal


Licensed appliance

Strategic needs

  • Values security
  • Many users (< 10’000)
  • Control required

More than authentication
Advanced customizations

Private hosting
Full control

Valued authentication

  • eBanking transactions
  • Signature in approval workflow